Style it with a Throw

I LOVE throw pillows

I seriously do! Something so simple adds so much personality to a home.

B&W pillows

Adding different colored pillows to your bedroom décor gives uniqueness to the mass produced bedding bed throwsThe blue color and texture of the pillows are stunning against the grey and white bedding

sofa throws I kept the colors of the pillows on my sofa neutral and soft for a comfy cozy feeling.

zebra throws

Animal print throw pillows for the décor lover with a wild side

sparkle throwThrow pillows with a little sparkle adds a touch of glamour this one would be great in a diva beauty room!


There are so many places around your home you can add a throw pillow I’ve even seen them placed on dinning room chairs! There is no wrong way to style your home with a throw its your space so go for what you know.

Are you the animal print lover with a wild side or a monochromatic lover who keeps it chic with black and white?


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